Saturday, 15 June 2013


Answer these questions in your books
What did the pictures show that made Ken so angry? Inferring

What does the video say the impacts of Mattel using Asia Pulp and Paper were?

What actions did activists take in this video to stop deforestation?

Now listen to this story Deforestation: How businesses are adapting
if the audio doesn't work, you will have to read
Deforestation Blog

Who does the story say is impacted by deforestation?

"In the past we could go into the forest and catch deer. We could look for birds," he recalls. "But now, there is nothing, as you can see. No animal can live in the acacia forest. We cannot shelter in its shade. It's hot. It's a greedy tree — it uses up a lot of water."

Write down the Asril Amran quote, what does this quote show about the impacts of deforestation?

Why is it important that large corporations start to use sustainable practices?

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