Monday, 18 March 2013

Muddy Buddy

Sunday the 17th of march tens of students break free from their comfort zones and enter the muddiest competition of 2013, for some their was blood, sweat and even tears. For weeks the worthy competition have prepared to face hundreds. Located in Mapua.
It's Muddy Buddy.

For years The teachers of NIS have organised a team for Muddy Buddy called "Blue Steel". Recently Blue Steel turned up at the competition with the largest group, topping all the other schools, friends and family's with a surge of blue. The course had all sorts of obstacles like nets, hay bundles, muddy ditches, streams and just muddy areas to run through.

We interviewed some students from room 16 about what they thought of the muddy buddy.
Some says it was fun and he might do it next year it was worth the ten dollar fee.
Others thought it was great and they just had fun. Overall our school did really well running two of the three laps.

The reason we had great success is because of our outstanding team work we stayed with our partner and helped each other out. We played fair and things went really well. We went there and we had a good time and got along with the competition.

The 3 A's are in us all. Athleticism, attitude and awesomeness.
Inside we are all Blue Steelians we will try and try at the muddy buddy and hopefully we will still have many students competing in Mapua for many years to come.

By Bailey Dixon, reporting for Room Sixteen.

Saturday, 2 March 2013


1. Start a writers journal. We are all writers in Room Sixteen and writers notice things that are happening around them. They notice details in the world, little things that other people walk besides and don’t even think about. Writers are sneaky, they steal ideas, they steal words. Rules for writers journal
• Write things that you want to read.
 • Do good work and then put it where people can see it.
 • Find a piece of writing you like? Steal that style, remix it. It is then yours.
 • Steal like an artist!
 I want to see at least one page filled with things observed, things that have gripped you, Things that only you know. Write using your voice, your idioms. Things that I stole from the internet for ideas for your journals, because I also steal like an artist, or in this case steal directly from the internet.

 Idea 6: Poems Do entries in the form of poems, even if you don't think what you are writing about is poetic. Take what might seem prose-like and chop the paragraphs into lines like a poem. When you see the writing this way, you might find that images stand out, and with some editing (such taking out extra words), you could have a rich piece of writing.

 Idea 11: Weather Center Become sensitive to the weather and try describing the weather in your journal entries. Put your eyes and ears to work on how the weather affects the landscape, sky, people, animals, buildings, and vehicles. Write it so that when you reread that entry, you feel as if you are in the weather.

 Idea 18: Radio or TV Turn on the radio or TV for twenty seconds. Write about what you heard.


 Start collecting things about yourself for your kete. By the end of the week all your objects should be assembled and you should be able to use them as a prompt to share your stories about the objects to the class. Your presentation of the objects, your mihi and the completed kete will be in Week 7, so get cracking! If you have any issues, send me an email .

I am here to help!