Thursday, 21 February 2013

Measuring our heartbeats

As part of our unit on statistics we are looking at heartbeats; our own, those of our families and trying to work out how much our whanau's heart's beat in the space of a week. In order to do this we will need to find out a range of data and collect it for homework this week.

Firstly we found out our own resting heart rate, we measured our pulse for fifteen seconds and then multiplied by four to find out how much our heart beats in a minute. We then went out and exercised and measured our heartrates after exercise. We noticed that there was a difference.

This weekend for homework we are going to measure our families heartbeats, their resting rates and their after exercise rate. We need to find out how much each family members heart beats in fifteen seconds and then multiply that by four.

This will be really useful when we come to working out our statistical inquiry into how much our whanau's heart's beat each week.

Thanks for being involved!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Joseph Delaney
World famous Author for writing the SPOOKS Series
born 25 July 1945 in the U.K. 
19 February N.I.S Hall

Joseph Delaney came to talk to us about the SPOOKS and gave us a speech but unfortunately it was to long and he mostly talked  about himself and the characters of the books. When he read some of the books it was hard to understand him because he read to fast and his accent was difficult to understand. 

We contacted Joseph Delaney through E-mail to ask him if he would come in and visit N.I.S and tell us about his books but unfortunately he didn't explain much about the books it was mainly about himself and the characters. When he read some of the SPOOK books He read too fast and it was hard to understand his accent.  

Week 3

Room 16 has been working on the art of journalism as we are in charge of the Nelson Intermediate news. The video above shows what we learnt and the interviews with Tobias Brooke and Anna Pearson. They both are amazing people and have eccentric personalities. They inspired us to do our best with the news and we nailed it. Please check it out on the N.I.S website or on youtube! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Week 3

Last week we made the N.I.S. news. We interviewed Anna Pearson and Tobias Brooke they taught us what it takes to be a journalist and the main ideas I took in consideration were to get the most emotional outcome, keep eye contact with the interviewee (I think that's what its called)  from the one your reporting. We used the information we collect from these interview to get a professional touch. We are the first class to do the news this year and cant wait to do it again in week 4. Here's a picture of the news being made. The first time we went to broadcast the news we had some technical difficulties. This resulted in complete humiliation. It only broadcasted at assembly today and it was epic!!! We will have a link to it on you-tube soon.

We have also are focusing  on genealogy and our family tree. I learned a lot.

Sean and Ben

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week Two

Week Two started with a bang as we are in charge of NIS News this week. Nelson Intermediate run a news progamme so it is battle stations as we all focus on what are some key features of an effective news story. To do this we are learning by doing, creating two news stories that we are all involved in the creation of. The first of these news stories is on new students to NIS and how they are adapting, the second will be achieved by interviewing a Nelson journalist who works at the Nelson Mail. Here are some of Room Sixteen's ideas
We have also started our Statistical Inquiry unit by first analysing what we already know about statistics, then students researched using our three Ipads, smartphones and four Imacs some further information which gleaned some real solid information.
We then began a whole class statistical investigation about how the class learns, we are aiming to find the average learning person in room sixteen.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kia ora and welcome to Room Sixteen, Nelson Intermediate's most awesome classroom. We had a great first week, getting to know each other, developing our collaborative skills and getting back into the swing of things. We enjoyed a range of activities, but probably the most important was the drafting of the class treaty. As Waitangi Day was on Wednesday, we took the opportunity to explore what we already knew about Waitangi Day.

From this starting point we explored some different texts to build our understandings of what is significant about Waitangi Day. By Friday we had worked in groups to devise our own classroom treaty, from which we selected the best ideas as a class and then drafted our own Treaty on a large tea stained scroll.

It was a momentous occasion, and it really set a great start to the year. Everyone had worked together to define the rules and we are all now bound by these rules and principles that are embedded in the classroom treaty.