Thursday, 21 February 2013

Measuring our heartbeats

As part of our unit on statistics we are looking at heartbeats; our own, those of our families and trying to work out how much our whanau's heart's beat in the space of a week. In order to do this we will need to find out a range of data and collect it for homework this week.

Firstly we found out our own resting heart rate, we measured our pulse for fifteen seconds and then multiplied by four to find out how much our heart beats in a minute. We then went out and exercised and measured our heartrates after exercise. We noticed that there was a difference.

This weekend for homework we are going to measure our families heartbeats, their resting rates and their after exercise rate. We need to find out how much each family members heart beats in fifteen seconds and then multiply that by four.

This will be really useful when we come to working out our statistical inquiry into how much our whanau's heart's beat each week.

Thanks for being involved!

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