Thursday, 18 April 2013

Over the past two weeks we have been working on a newspaper called sixteen star times.
On Thursday 17 April We were selling them to students and teachers for $1.
Check out this ad we made for the public to buy our awesome AWESOME NEWSPAPER.

Sixteen Star Times, So Good You Could Eat It

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Prezi: Whats in my Kete

Jakes amazing prezi wowed us with its comparisons between Brunei and New Zealand.

Bailey did a fantastic prezi on new zealand compared to madagascar.der="0">

Jazlyns prezi stunned the crowd with its great content on Vietnam and New Zealand.

Kenais prezi took my breath away with the amazing layout.

Aerans prezi had amazing layout.It wowed the crowd with its information.

This was the only joint prezi from Milan and Liam with was focused on the music in Jamaica and the music in New Zealand.

Sunday, 14 April 2013




Tuesday: Today our learning intention is 
LI: to use tidy numbers when adding or subtracting decimals

What is a tidy number?


So tidy numbers are numbers that aren't tricky to add or subtract like 19, they are numbers like 10,20,30,40,50 which are very easy to add or subtract.

Today we are looking at problems involving decimals. We have looked at decimals before,
you should be set to try these problems!

Watch the video here and then try these examples below

Good luck with todays problems!

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hey so we are looking at Improper Fractions, its where Fractions start to get a bit abstract in the same way that art went from looking like this 

 to this:

Okay, so an improper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator is bigger than denominator.
Watch this Khan Academy video, as Aeran said it was really helpful last week and I trust Aeran's excellent opinions. 

This time with the Khan Academy video, follow the links on the left and follow them down sequentially. Take an ipad and the group computer and work together as you work through the components.

(The links are on the left, once you have watched one video then click onto the activity) 

Here is a follow up activity for your homework, its pretty challenging but you are up to the task!
Kia ora team.


Win an Ipad for the class!!!!!!!!!!


Soldiers, its your commanding officer Capt. Phillips speaking. We have our first assault at 0900 hours. Its going to be a proper sortie, so we need to get our game faces on. Remember its for our families back home in New Zealand, and for the King. Log into this website to prepare yourself...

Then watch ANZAC the Soldiers story. Its an old documentary from the eighties, but it features interviews with soldiers who were really there. Once you complete watching the video, your briefing will be complete.

HINT: To watch on IPADs, you will have to take some iniative soldier, and use the PUFFIN web browser app. It allows you to use Flash.

Your task is to create three diary entries, the first on 23 April, two days before the invasion, describing what life is like on the troopship and how your are feeling leading up to the big push. The second diary entry, on April 25, on the landings of the ANZACs, and  on August 6th, on the big push up to the heights of Chunuk Bair against vertical cliffs and heavy machine gun fire. 


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Māori Work Week 10

Equilaterals Rāmere 12 April

Hi Equilaterals, lots of revision today. Make sure you complete each of the activities and write the learning intentions as a title for each section. Kia ora.

Finally, this is some revision on what we were learning yesterday. Integers are easy when you know what to do. This is a story about two mountain climbers who are climbing in the Aoraki National Park,
Which looks a lot like this in the autumn chill.

Isosceles Rāmere 12 April

LI: Converting fractions to decimals: How to express a fraction as a decimal

Watch the video up to 4.33 and then stop.

After watching the video, write down whether the video helped you and if you want to use more Khan Academy videos write that down.

Next steps,  Write this example into your books.

Now try these examples, remember if you get stuck you can watch the Khan Academy video, ask a peer, or ask your teacher.

Scalene Rāmere 12 April

LI use equal adjustments when subtracting numbers

LI use place value strategy
eg 46-7+ 46-6-1=39