Saturday, 13 April 2013


Soldiers, its your commanding officer Capt. Phillips speaking. We have our first assault at 0900 hours. Its going to be a proper sortie, so we need to get our game faces on. Remember its for our families back home in New Zealand, and for the King. Log into this website to prepare yourself...

Then watch ANZAC the Soldiers story. Its an old documentary from the eighties, but it features interviews with soldiers who were really there. Once you complete watching the video, your briefing will be complete.

HINT: To watch on IPADs, you will have to take some iniative soldier, and use the PUFFIN web browser app. It allows you to use Flash.

Your task is to create three diary entries, the first on 23 April, two days before the invasion, describing what life is like on the troopship and how your are feeling leading up to the big push. The second diary entry, on April 25, on the landings of the ANZACs, and  on August 6th, on the big push up to the heights of Chunuk Bair against vertical cliffs and heavy machine gun fire. 


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