Monday, 18 February 2013

Week 3

Last week we made the N.I.S. news. We interviewed Anna Pearson and Tobias Brooke they taught us what it takes to be a journalist and the main ideas I took in consideration were to get the most emotional outcome, keep eye contact with the interviewee (I think that's what its called)  from the one your reporting. We used the information we collect from these interview to get a professional touch. We are the first class to do the news this year and cant wait to do it again in week 4. Here's a picture of the news being made. The first time we went to broadcast the news we had some technical difficulties. This resulted in complete humiliation. It only broadcasted at assembly today and it was epic!!! We will have a link to it on you-tube soon.

We have also are focusing  on genealogy and our family tree. I learned a lot.

Sean and Ben

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