Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week Two

Week Two started with a bang as we are in charge of NIS News this week. Nelson Intermediate run a news progamme so it is battle stations as we all focus on what are some key features of an effective news story. To do this we are learning by doing, creating two news stories that we are all involved in the creation of. The first of these news stories is on new students to NIS and how they are adapting, the second will be achieved by interviewing a Nelson journalist who works at the Nelson Mail. Here are some of Room Sixteen's ideas
We have also started our Statistical Inquiry unit by first analysing what we already know about statistics, then students researched using our three Ipads, smartphones and four Imacs some further information which gleaned some real solid information.
We then began a whole class statistical investigation about how the class learns, we are aiming to find the average learning person in room sixteen.

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