Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Learning Spaces, Troy, Uk Hlei and Aeran

Uk Hlei, Troy and Aeran sorted through a range of sources, identifying aspects that they valued in the future of education. They learnt how to upload their findings onto blogger and responded to each of the images, arguing why the images show the future of learning.

                                                In the future the school has solar power
                      In the future the school environment is really clean
                                         In the future classrooms is just like your home.
                      In the future the teacher doesn't have to be in the classroom
                                       In the future they have more advanced furniture

                            Students in the future will use computers instead of books 
                                                In the future they have touch screen white board

Future learning is developing over the years. Young people starts to use computers to learn. 
                 In the future all the students doesn't need to have a books at the school

                      these are learning spaces and places 

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