Friday, 14 June 2013


Digital Literacy: Why can't students copy-paste?

Okay, so far so good as far as a fancy diagram that outlines what digital literacy might look like in the classroom, and it is essentially what we already do at Nelson Intermediate in our day to day dealings with technology, give or take a few connecting circles. This blog post is focused primarily on what we can be doing in our classrooms to prepare students for their increasingly digital future.

Most importantly, more than anything else, students need to develop their functional skills on computers. 

Students need to develop the ability to rapidly select/copy/paste data while accessing a range of resources. If they have the ability to do this, it makes EVERYTHING better for their learning. Not every student knows how to do this, and it can make a big difference to how they use digital resources.

Okay so this is helpful, just in general for anyone. But the key things that students can focus on, are copy, paste, select all, find, undo. It really makes a difference and as a massive benefit, it works across any programme on Apple, and is transferable to Microsoft OS.   

Ultimately, the key ones that students need to learn are highlighted in yellow. It's just sort of a hotspot when your students are anywhere near a computer researching information, working on their google accounts. It is a massive asset if students can begin to use this skill when using computers, all it takes is a short conversation with students as they are working online.

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