Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Outstanding Literary Work by students from Room Sixteen!
I am constantly impressed with the standard of work by students in their integrated studies. This term the focus has been on crimes against the environment. STudents have been extremely engaged and making great work. Keep it up Room Sixteen!


Between the tops of the mountains peaks to the ocean, lay a dense tangle of trees,bush and plant.But now, these majestic living things are falling because of the demand for the worlds wood. Is cutting the trees for our needs worth dying for?

Daily, the trees of the world are getting cut down. The landscapes are left in ruins as the loggers scale the ground leaving just stamps across the loamy dirt. Forest still cover thirty percent of the worlds land,but this is decreasing fast. So fast 12-15 million hectares of forest is lost each year. This is the equivalent of 36 football fields per minute.

The forest is home to many species; over 80% of the worlds animals are found in the forests of the world, imagine what impact this would have if they became extinct. As said by a nature expert “every one is complaining about global warming and a hole in the ozone layer,but no one seems to notice that the only preventable cause of this is deforestation”.

There are many solutions to deforestation. Today is a new century. Instead of using paper, use your computer. If you want to buy a book, go to the library.Simple ways like this make a difference. We need to cut down the demand for wood today, not tomorrow. It all starts with you.

I’m walking down the cold, sandy beach,
The air feels gloomy and dead, like a graveyard on a rainy day.
The sea. A a dark greyish, colour, driving up close to me,
Then getting yanked back out by the horizon.

Almost every time now,
A new round, black formation, gets washed onto the black stained sand below my feet.
Alive, yet so dead and miserable.
I get a closer look, a small, twitching wing, soaked in shiny evil.  
I can now make out what it really is,
A small blue penguin, harmless to us, for some reason we still hurt it.
It looks up at me with a tear in its eye,
then slowly turns back to the soggy sand with a long,
drowning blink.

I wish there was something I could do with this poor, miserable bird,
But its now too late.
I placed my two fingers on its fragile chest just incase.
No pumping.
No movement.
No life.

By:Ruby Hunter

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