Sunday, 25 August 2013


UK HLEI, STEPHANIE, ISAAC, JAZMIN, QUINN and the rest of the Warriors please watch the video above. Once watched, please complete the activities here.

The rest of the class, lets just reinforce this section of that fraction test where a number of you still have some gaps. Click here  

Persuasive Writing recap
At the end of the week we are going to do an eASTLe test on persuasive writing, so we might as well quickly refocus and see what a good piece of persuasive writing needs.

Today we are going to argue either side of an argument. Have a read through this website 

Should more money and time be spent on P.E. in schools?

In your writing books complete a Venn Diagram identifying the positives and negatives of the debate.

Once completed, you are ready to start your own argument about the debate. Pick a side and remember to start it off with a punchy hook, and have at least three different paragraphs about three different reasons that you think will make your article convincing. You can work collaboratively o this. I would like you to share your arguments with me online at, so why not open up your google drive and work on the computers for this.


I read through this beautiful article on, and I thought you guys would find it really interesting. I would love you guys to make your own versions of these posters so we can put them up in Room Sixteen. 

Students will in groups create a poster using the large roll of paper for one of the words, students to use the skill evaluating. Students need to make a visually appealing poster, using a strong title, visual image and bold text to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. 


Judging from your integrated studies books, there is still some uncertainty around key vocab. So lets take it back and show our current understanding of the key vocab and show some energy changes that are occurring in our day to day lives with ordinary objects.

The chapter “Changing Energy” will be the focus for this lesson.
Students will identify the energy changes that are mentioned in the article and then create their own A4 poster showing how energy is changed in an everyday object.

Here are some examples:

This is an excellent example.

This is a very basic example.

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