Sunday, 12 May 2013

Oil Game

Oil is extremely useful

For transport, diesel, petrol. We need it to survive in the modern world.
But it pollutes.
Rena Disaster.
Sticky, environmental disaster.
Smoke- air pollution

When we burn fossil fuels – what do they give off?
CO2 Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide and Methane Gas.
They cause pollution and suffocation of animals, they enter our atmosphere the layer of gas that surrounds the planet, and they are making it a bit too thick. So the heat from the sun is trapped in the climate – global warming.
The oceans can absorb 2 million tons, the forests can absorb 2 million tons.
26 million tons a year we aren’t absorbing and that is going straight in to the environment.
Takes 65 million years to make. And around 65 million barrels of oil a day, every single day of the year.

The Oil Game
Many objects in the classroom are made with oil as a key ingredient, plastics, cds, fertilisers, etc 

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